FULL FAT Keto Frappe

Full Fat Keto Frappe

So I am on the low carb craze same as everyone else! However I have been lacking one of my true loves! COFFEE! I couldn’t do the bulletproof that everyone raves about. I prefer sweet and creamy coffee! One day while experimenting I came up with this! Its perfect for breakfast and doesnt make you crash! This is a great way to get your fat in. The resultis a thick and creamy frappe like coffee! 

YIELD: a delicious cup of coffee


  • 2 tbspns (1 oz) of full fat cream cheese
  • 4 tbspns  (2 oz) of heavy whipping cream 
  • Stevia or sweetener of your choice! (2 packets of stevia was enough for me!)
  • 3 tbspns (1.5 oz) of unsweetened cocoa powder.
  • 1 cup of cold brew coffee.
  • OPTIONAL: you can cut carbs even more by adding 1 Tbspn of torani chocolate syrup. Add this instead of sweetner and cocoa powder.


  1. Combine cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, and stevia in a  blender. (I use ninja!) Blend until fluffy! (About 2 mins.)
  2. Add cocoa powder and coffee. Blend another 15 seconds.
  3. Top with a sprinkle of cocoa powder! (Optional)
  4. ENJOY

    This is a Greatttt recipe for days when I am running out the door for work!

    We hope you enjoy this recipe! Please comment and tell us what you think!

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    37 responses to “FULL FAT Keto Frappe”

    1. dearlyndsey09 – Oklahoma

      This looks delicious! I hope to try it out.

    2. Where do you buy the torani chocolate syrup?

    3. I doubled the recipe and only added 3 tablespoons unsweetened sugar. I had to add vanilla and more stevia. Holy cow I’m glad I didn’t add all the suggested unsweetened cocoa.

    4. Good idea! When I’m craving something like this I blend a cookies and cream muscle milk with ice. Yum!

      1. That sounds SOOO yummy!

    5. This sounds so good. I am gonna have to pick up whipping cream next time I’m at the store so I can make this. Does the coffee need to be a cold brew or can it be regular coffee that has been cooled in the fridge overnight?

      1. I’ve found that cold brew works best, and its super easy to make!

        If you use warm coffee it makes it so creamy and tasty!

        1. I picked up everything I need last night and I am definitely trying this today(with cold coffee) I’m excited to see how it turns out.

    6. What is the nutritional info on this?

      1. It depends on the brands that you use! With my serving suggestion its about 2.8 carbs with mostly aldi brand. However I am a lazy keto and dont track other macros.

    7. Anyone tried this in a shaker cup with the whisk ball?

      1. Unless you cream the cream cheese and heavy cream the cream cheese will fleck into tiny pieces and float at the top of the coffee!

    8. Has anyone tried it blended with ice?

      1. Blend the creams first, then the ice! I would do this with super strong coffee because the ice will dilute the coffee.

    9. Just made this with hazelnut syrup since I couldn’t find the chocolate and it’s pretty good! Definitely a cup to make again but will look for the chocolate again to try the difference. Thank you for this recipe!

      1. Oooh yummy! Torani has so many great flavors!

    10. It was amazingly delicious!!

      1. So glad you liked it!

    11. This is so delicious!!! I added ice to make it like an ice capp which is my biggest weakness.

      1. It feels so good to eat yummy things that are good for you! <3

    12. Has anyone thought about adding coconut oil to this fabulous morning coffee? I just wonder if that would be too much fat for one drink. LOL

      1. MCT oil is coconut oil! <3

    13. Could you do this for hot coffee

    14. What are the nutritional values? Fat grams, carb grams, etc per serving? Thanks Debbie

      1. It varies from brand to brand! Make sure you are using brands that have no added sweeteners or fillers.

    15. I am not a coffee lover but this has quickly become my favorite!!

      1. Oh yes! I am so addicted!

    16. I would love to try but what are the carbs fat protein and fiber?

      1. It varies from brand to brand.
        Make sure the brands you are using don’t have added sweeteners or sugars.

    17. This was soooooooo good!!! I did add a dash of cinnamon though…I live cinnamon and next time I’ll add just a tiny bit of vanilla 😁

      1. It is my favorite!

    18. Hi–can this be made as a hot beverage? If so, does it change the volume on any ingredients? Thanks!

      1. Absolutely. I don’t change anything for hot! <3

    19. Torani syrup. Sugar free version? you don’t specify.

      1. Yes. I use the Sugar-free Torani. There should be a link in the article! <3

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