4 Ingredient Keto Iced Coffee | Starbucks At Home Barista |Keto Iced Latte

Starbucks at home? Getcha some Keto Iced Coffee.

This cold latte is AMAZING, and you can make it with stuff you have in your house already. It’s so simple! You’ll kick yourself once you learn how simple this is! Never pay for overpriced again.

YIELD: 1 yummy iced latte!


  • 4oz of Espresso from an Espresso Machine. (The link to this one is for a two and one system, espresso and milk frother! :o) Or 1 cup of some made in a french press! Instructions below!
  • 3/4 tbsps of Raw Milk, or Heavy whipping cream. (Guys be careful on this one. I know the farmer where I get the milk from. They don’t add any sugars to their milk! HOWEVER, most of the grocery store you are getting milk from will add sugars.)
  • 1/2c of ice
  • 2 Tbsn of sugar free torani chocolate syrup.
  • 1tsp of MCT oil, OPT (Guys you don’t need a ton of fat, especially if you are maintaining. Additionally, if you are already using heavy cream in this recipe, the MCT may be overkill. Only use extra fat if you are extra hungry or trying to put weight on!)

(Just a side note, I LOVE TORANI. I use it for pretty much everything. It’s an erythritol sweetener. Those kind don’t seem to knock me out of ketosis, and I don’t react to them at all. I am pretty sensitive to sweeteners like aspartame, and sucralose, so this is a good option for me! Click the picture below, and you will get a link to a sampler of 4 different flavors! Mix and match these and come up with every coffee flavor imaginable! Great deal!)


  1. Pour espresso into a large tumbler or glass with Ice.
    *Put one cup of hot water and 1/3 cup of coffee in the French Press. Let is sit at least 5 Minutes*
  2. Blend milk, MCT, and torani in a ninja. (I use this one! I’ve had it FIVE years and it’s still amazing! Blend about 45 seconds.)
  3. Top with a sprinkle of cocoa powder! (Optional)
  4. ENJOY

One of my favorite ways to get some fat in. Tastes like cheats but it isnt!!


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