March 23, 2024
  • Sacred Tools | Creation Ceremony

    March 23, 2024  10:00 AMMarch 24, 2024  4:00 PM Beautifully Connected

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    🌟 Embrace the Sacred Journey: Create Your Ceremonial Drum and Rattle 🌟

    Get ready for a transformative and soul-nourishing ceremony where you will craft your sacred drum and rattle -profound tools of spiritual connection and healing instruments.

    Making your own ceremonial tools will help lay a strong foundation for connecting to your heartspace and the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

    🌠Craft the tools to connect to your heartspace and begin your practice. 🌠

    The importance of crafting your own ceremonial tools lies in the resonance they hold with your individual essence. By infusing your personal vibrations into your drum and rattle, you forge a sacred connection that perfectly aligns with your spiritual journey. As an extension of your being, these instruments will work in harmony with your soul’s unlocking your unique potential for healing, growth, and self-awareness.

    Day 1️⃣ | 03.23.24 | 10am-4pm
    •Tap into your heartspace to set intentions with a cacao ceremony.
    •Gather with us and learn about creating a shamanic altar.
    •A Drum journey to help you connect to Mother Earth’s heartbeat.
    •Begin crafting your ceremonial hide rattle.
    •A sumptuous healthy, and delicious lunch from will be served each day of the workshop, allowing you to rest, recharge, and nourish your body while making space for this incredible day.
    •Sacred drum-making ceremony with step-by-step guidance.
    •Craft a beater to use with your drum.
    •Receive herbs and a sacred shell for your ceremony practice.

    Day 2️⃣ | 03.24.24 | 10am-4pm
    •Open your heart with a cacao ceremony
    •Finish your ceremony rattle.
    •Information about how to care for your ceremony tools.
    •Discover techniques for developing a relationship with your ceremony tools.
    •Explore different ways to tune into your heartspace.
    •Learn drumming patterns for healing journeys
    •Master your skills in a drum circle with help from the drums we made the previous day.

    🌿 Unlock the Power Within 🌿

    The cost of this sacred gathering includes all materials needed for your shamanic drum kit, beater, and rattle kit, a delicious and healthy lunch during the workshop, two cacao ceremonies, and the guidance of experienced facilitators throughout the ceremony. This investment will open doors to profound spiritual insights and lasting connections. The transformational energy of these ceremonial tools will benefit your personal practice and open the doorway to a whole new healing method.

    Spaces are limited to 10, so secure your spot now to embark on this empowering and transformative journey. Awaken your inner self, embrace the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and craft tools that will forever guide you on your spiritual path.

    More info is available on our website.


    To secure your spot for this empowering and transformative event and embrace the resonance of your sacred tools, contact Bri Chavez or sign up online.

    Let the rhythm of your spirit guide you as you craft instruments aligned with your very soul. We eagerly anticipate sharing this soul-enriching adventure with you!

    We are hoping to host drum circles and other local events! You won’t want to miss out on this experience so that you can be better prepared for future healing events. 🌌✨

    DISCLAIMER: This ceremony is a spiritual experience for personal growth and healing. We honor all cultural backgrounds and strive to create a respectful and inclusive space for all participants.

    No refunds will be available because we have to invest significantly in supplies for this event. In the case of illness or last-minute cancellation, your deposit can be transferred to the next drum-making session available in early 2025.

    Payment plans are available but must be arranged before the event.
    Workshop price is $555.
    We will offer an earlybird discount of $111 of until January 1st, 2024. (Coupon Code EARLYBIRD.)
    LAST DAY TO BOOK IS February 28th.

    •Clothes that are comfortable and easy to work in.
    •A water bottle with a lid.
    •Lunch will be provided. And we will have water and refreshments throughout both days. Feel free to bring snacks.
    •You can bring a special stick or antler for your drum beater. We will have wooden sticks available to use.
    •A gemstone, crystal, flowers, or something to add to our shared altar.
    •Feel free to bring additional herbs or crafting materials to personalize your experience.


    About Bri

    Bri Chavez is an ordained minister, an intuitive healer, and the founder of Four Wind Wisdom. Recognizing the importance of sharing knowledge and supporting others on their spiritual paths, Bri founded Four Wind Wisdom to offer guidance, teachings, and resources to the global collective. Through her workshops, retreats, women’s circles, energetic healing ceremonies, and intuitive readings, she has created a sacred space where individuals can explore their inner landscapes, connect with their innate wisdom, and unlock their true potential.

    Bri works as a licensed massage therapist and full-spectrum doula in her community. Bri has touched the lives of countless individuals seeking guidance, healing, and transformation. Through extensive study, introspection, and the guidance of her spiritual mentors, she cultivated a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern insights. Her vision is to co-create a world that empowers individuals to reclaim their authentic selves as they navigate their spiritual journeys and uncover their soul’s purpose.

    About Kacie

    Kacie Ishkiꞌ Apilaꞌ Cothren is an Indigenous Birthworker. She leads transformative healing journeys through ancient sound medicine and ceremony. As a birthworker, she empowers parents to embrace their innate strength during the sacred ceremony of birth.

    Kacie provides a safe space for self-discovery while embracing sacred feminine energy. She weaves together soul-stirring ceremony experiences that honor her ancestral practices. She is passionate about helping to forge connections to our sacred spiritual lineage to Mother Earth. As an Ordained Minister, Kacie inspires self-discovery, healing, and spiritual awakening, rooted in the wisdom of Indigenous traditions, uniting all in a space of communion.

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