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A shaman is a Spirit Healer who alters their ordinary consciousness to journey into the unseen spirit world. The shaman intercedes for your soul on their behalf and employs the help of special animals, angels, deities, and other unseen beings. Shamans bring back fractured soul parts, clear negative energy chains, and find answers to questions that seemingly have no resolutions. These Spirit Healers work to resolve real-life issues such as diseases, depression, trauma, addictions, and pain by discovering the root cause of these issues.

The word Shaman comes from a place called Tunguska on the Siberian Plateau. It means; “One who sees in the dark.” It became the catch-all phrase for spirit healers in our modern world. Personally, I don’t refer to myself as a shaman. I don’t feel that is my title or my culture. I know that many people who are looking for Spirit Healers will look for the word shaman even though it is a disrespect to a people and culture who were victims of a horrific genocide.  Shamans and Shamanism as referred to in this article are “Modern day, Neo Spirit Healers.” I in no way wish to disregard or disrespect the Tunguska people with my work or my healing practices. 

My hope is that people who are searching for Spirit Healers come to the understanding that “Shaman” is an outdated, blanket term that is not a culturally competent term. It’s much like the term “Witchdoctor.” It’s a general term the public uses for lack of education on natural healing and wisdom.

Shamanic Beliefs

Evidence of Spirit Healing can be found across every indigenous culture and dates back to early humans who lived in tribes and practiced Animism. (Animism is the belief that everything has a spirit.) 

Therefore, different practitioners have varying methods of practice and differing beliefs. However, there are 3 main precepts or principles that all Shamans believe in. 

  1. We will see the unseen.
    It is the Shaman’s goal to uncover all of the things that we can not ordinarily see. A good Shaman relies on their heart and separates themselves from the ego. Shamans should be slow to judgment, understanding, and compassionate. 
  2. We will see all things through our hearts.
    The goal of the Shaman is to remain heart-centered in all thoughts, words, and actions. The Shaman strives to remain true to their heart, so they don’t dishonor their own soul, and so they don’t deceive themselves with their egos.
  3. Every person has a medicine to share.
    Imagine if you believed that every person you encountered had a medicine that could save your life. If you treated every human with that kind of value, you wouldn’t hold grudges, be angry, or think yourself better than anyone else. 

Shamanic Journey

Shamans enter a state of non-ordinary reality, sometimes called a trance state. During the journey, the practitioner’s brain waves are physically altered to a half-dream half-awake state. During a trance state the brain goes into Theta, this is where intuition thrives and is the entrance to the spirit world. Shamanic Journeying should not be taken lightly, the outer realms should only be accessed through ceremony, with a practitioner who is experienced and capable of protecting themselves. 

Shamans may enter a trance state by meditating, reciting mantras, by using drums and percussion instruments, or by using plant medicines. 

Personally, I do not use plant medicines with my clients. I think this is a valuable option for healing, but in our society, many plant medicines are illegal substances. For the protection of myself and my clients, I only use methods of trance that are legal and accessible in my community.

Shamans believe almost all mental, physical, and spiritual illness is caused by:

How do Shamans Perceive Illness?

  1. A loss of power.
    Often a loss of power is a loss of an important soul connection or identity. This can occur if you lose a long-time partner or job. 

    Think of older folks in your life who died shortly after losing their long term partners. 
  2. A loss of joy.
    Fear is the most common ailment for those suffering from a lack of joy. Fear blocks joy, and your ability to think freely. It also is the main cause of stress and loss of life for humans. 

    Adults lack fun and ease in their lives. They spend too much time working, too little time vacationing, too much time worrying, not enough time playing and enjoying life. All of this leads to imbalance and a loss of joy, and vital energy.
  3. A loss of part of the soul.
    When you experience something traumatic, a part of your brain called the thalamus shuts down. Shamans believe that sometimes when this happens, a piece of your soul fractures off and is lost to the spirit realm. 

    You may be experiencing soul loss if you have episodes of de-realization, PTSD, depression, immune problems, or anxiety. Occasionally, soul loss can occur without a traumatic event. Most commonly, I  see people who have given birth, had a traumatic medical procedure, have gotten out of a bad relationship, or who had traumatic childhoods. Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman is a wonderful resource for learning more about Soul Loss. 

How do Shamans Heal?

Shamans use ceremonies, rituals, tools, music, and trance to help their clients achieve transformation and radical soul healing. 

I will sit with you and work to create a ceremony and a healing session that will help you achieve breakthrough and help unstick you from your spiritual stagnation. I will also offer you spiritual advice and counseling to help you move forward in healing.  

Is Shamanic Healing for you?

Unfortunately, Shamanic Healing is not a good therapy for everyone. For those experiences, deep psychological disturbances benefit best from shamanic healing coupled with therapy.

Shamanic healing isn’t a miracle. Yet it is a radical step in the right direction towards healing, illumination, and self-awareness. 

 Before committing to creating a healing session for you, I will set up a phone call to see if you are a good candidate for shamanic healing. If you are not, I will pass you along to one of my holistic healing friends, or provide resources for professional mental and emotional help. 

What is Shamanic Cleansing

Shamanic Cleansing is a method of cleaning spirit residue and energy. As we live and encounter our world, we can pick up entities and energies that do not serve us. 

You can (AND SHOULD) facilitate cleansing in your life, body, and home regularly. I always recommend my clients soak in a salt bath with cleansing herbs before visiting with me. You can also do simple cleansings for your home with salt and herbs. 

If you have already tried some things at home and are still feeling stuck or like you are carrying around baggage or energy that is not yours, that is the time to seek additional help.

How to do a Shamanic House Cleansing?

I use a combination of trance, tools, music, and herbs to cleanse homes and offices. I ask that if you and your family remain in the home, that you take an active role in the cleansing.

I always encourage families to stay and take an active role in their cleansings, as I believe its a good chance to learn how to keep your house spiritually clean and wholesome. However, you are in no way obligated to stay while I work. Sometimes it is best to leave the space while I work to clean and clear it, so that you can come back home to a whole new energetic environment. 

Does Spirit Healing Actually Work?

You must come to me with an open mind, and you must be willing and able to move forward out of griefs, out of struggle, and out of sadness. As I’ve mentioned before, shamanic work and healing is not for everyone.

However, there are many peer-reviewed articles on shamanism that show the efficacy of this kind of soul healing coupled with mindfulness and therapy.

I am not in the business of proving the metaphysical world exists. But if you would like to experience healing and have an open mind and willing heart, I am here and happy to help you.

How to Find the Right Shaman?

Find someone who understands your spiritual beliefs, and who can listen to you from a place of non-judgment and compassion. 

Interview and speak with a few people before you make a decision. I am always happy to pass clients along to other soul healers and spirit workers if I feel like we are not a good fit. 

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