Do you take on everyone else’s energy? Is your social battery quick to drain? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to be able to help people, without taking on their energy and feeling depleted? It’s hard to be a healer and an empath. Learn the skills you need to cleanse your own energy, ground, and connect so that you can help others while maintaining good boundaries and energy. 

Learn to put your empath skills to work in a way that supports the growth, healing, and wholeness of your entire community

How do Shamans Heal?

Soul Healers use trance and shamanic journey to drop into a different world. A world of purpose, prayer, and intention. The world of ceremonies, rituals, tools, music, connection to helping spirits, and plant medicines. This new world will open your mind as you step out on your radical soul healing journey. 

Feeling Stagnant? And like you don’t know the next steps to move forward?

Shamanic Ceremony and Consultations give you the tools you need to get unstuck, to dissolve energy blocks, and obstacles in your life. You will experience a uniquely crafted ceremonial healing session that will help you achieve breakthrough and unstick you from your spiritual stagnation. You will also get spiritual advice and consulting to help you stay accountable on  your healing journey and move forward into the energy that you desire.

Have you tried therapy, medication, and traditional healing methods?

There is a time and place for this type of healing, but you are ready to experience a new, non-traditional modality.

Expand your spiritual toolbox, and experience a new way to connect with Spirit and yourself.

Are you on an awakening journey, but lacking direction?

There is a lot of information out there on the internet. It can be overwhelming!
Get the direction you need to find your own path, and to heal on your terms.

Get guidance on tools, techniques, and practices that will help you tune in and strengthen your own inner knowing and intuition.

Gain confidence in your own spiritual path through the healing power of Sacred Ceremony.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get the healing you need to move forward on your journey?

You are on this spiritual journey, you might even feel called to help others.

Ceremony helps you activate your own inner light so that your illumination radiates outward to help heal and uplift your family, community, and world.

Take your Power back, stand in healthy boundaries, and take the first step forward in your healing journey.

What is a Shamanic Journey?

Shamanic Journey is a state of non-ordinary reality, sometimes called a trance state. During the journey, the practitioner’s brain waves are physically altered to a half-dream half-awake state. During a trance state the brain goes into Theta, this is where intuition thrives and is the entrance to the spirit world. The practitioner prays, calls on helping spirits, can bring back energetic pieces you have lost, clear negative chains of energy that affect your life, and reclaim power animals and helpers for you on your behalf. Shamanic Journeying should not be taken lightly, the outer realms should only be accessed through ceremony, with a practitioner who is experienced and capable of protecting themselves. 

A Sacred trance state is entered through shifting awareness, meditating, reciting mantras, or by using drums and instruments.

What do Shamans Believe?

Evidence of Spirit Healing can be found across every indigenous culture and dates back to early humans who lived in tribes and practiced Animism. (Animism is the belief that everything is sacred and has a spirit.) 

Therefore, different practitioners have varying methods of practice and differing beliefs. However, there are 3 main precepts or principles that all Shamans believe in. 

  1. We will see the unseen.
    It is the Shaman’s goal to uncover all of the things that we can not ordinarily see. A good Spirit Healer relies on their heart and separates themselves from the ego. Shamans should be slow to judgment, understanding, and compassionate. 
  2. We will see all things through our hearts.
    The goal of the Shaman is to remain heart-centered in all thoughts, words, and actions. The Shaman strives to remain true to their heart, so they don’t dishonor their own soul, and so they don’t deceive themselves with their egos.
  3. Every person has a medicine to share.
    Imagine if you believed that every person you encountered had a medicine that could save your life. If you treated every human with that kind of value, you wouldn’t hold grudges, be angry, or think yourself better than anyone else.

“Religions tell people what God wants from them… When you enter into the shamanic experience, what goes on is between you and God. You are not hearing someone else talking about God. You are interacting with God by yourself. In shamanism, no buildings or churches are required in order to meet the divine. The sacred experience happens…ultimately anywhere.”

~Victor Sanchez, The Toltec Oracle

Shamanic work helps you find a deeper connection to yourself and explore spirituality outside of religion, dogma, and organized belief systems. You can be a devotee of religion, or you can be a spiritual seeker who is looking for a new framework for spirituality. Opening yourself up to Ceremonial work can be a great way to gain insight and discover what beliefs are best for you.

Feeling like you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into healing, and not sure where to go from here? 

This work helps you gain a deeper insight and connection to yourself, especially if you’ve had painful and traumatic experiences. Anxiety and Trauma shouldn’t be what runs your life and controls your energy. Shamanic Ceremony doesn’t erase painful experiences. But it turns them into powerful reference points for your future spiritual walk and practice.

Explore Ceremony Work and Energy Medicine that will give you the insight and peace you need to create breakthrough and positive change.

What is Shamanism?

A shaman is a Spirit Healer who alters their ordinary consciousness to journey into the unseen spirit world. The shaman intercedes for your soul on their behalf and employs the help of special animals, angels, deities, and other unseen beings. Shamans bring back fractured soul parts, clear negative energy chains, and find answers to questions that seemingly have no resolutions. These Spirit Healers work to resolve real-life issues such as diseases, depression, trauma, addictions, and pain by discovering the root cause of these issues.

The word Shaman comes from a place called Tunguska on the Siberian Plateau. It means; “One who sees in the dark.” It became the catch-all phrase for spirit healers in our modern world. Personally, I don’t refer to myself as a shaman. I don’t feel that is my title or my culture. I know that many people who are looking for Spirit Healers will look for the word shaman even though it is not an entirely accurate term. Shamans and Shamanism as referred to in this article are “Modern day, Neo Spirit Healers.” I in no way wish to disregard or disrespect the Tunguska people with my work or my healing practices. 

My hope is that people who are searching for Spirit Healers come to the understanding that “Shaman” is an outdated, blanket term that is not a culturally competent title for most modern healers. It’s much like the label “Witch Doctor.” It’s a general term the public uses for lack of education on natural healing and wisdom. 

Anyone can, AND SHOULD, practice “shamanism.” This term is the widely used, anthropological term for earth-based, animist, spirit healing practices. We are all from the Earth, so we are inseparably entangled with her. Shamanic healing and practices help us remember our connection to the Earth; these practices help us gain a deeper connection and understanding of our own power and energy. 

However, practicing Shamanism does not make you a Shaman. A Shaman is a person who has been through Spiritual initiations with Spirit, teachers, tribe members, and other Shamans. They are dedicated to living an impeccable life and serving Spirit. The title, Shaman, is an honor and a label that your community gives you, not a title you claim for yourself.

3 Ways Shamans Perceive Illness

Spirit Healers believe almost all mental, physical, and spiritual illness is caused by:

1. A loss of power.

I see you. I know you are serious about healing, and working through the trauma and hardships you’ve faced. I’m here to offer you direction, clarity, and inspiration. 

Often a loss of power is a loss of an important soul connection or identity. This can occur if you lose a long-time partner or job, or experience grief or trauma. Think of older folks in your life who died shortly after losing their long-term partners. 

Ceremony work helps you gain power from the past experiences that held you back. It helps you remember your power. You’ll walk into your own healing journey with the ability to feel comfortable in your own energy. Step into spirituality on your terms and heal for yourself, your family, and your community.  

2. A loss of joy.

Don’t allow your thoughts, negativity, and criticisms to run your life.

Fear is the most common ailment for those suffering from a lack of joy. Fear blocks your joy and your ability to think freely. It also is the main cause of stress and loss of life for humans. 

Adults lack fun and ease in their lives. They spend too much time working, too little time playing. Too much time worrying, and not enough time enjoying life. All of this leads to imbalance and a loss of joy, and vital energy.

Reclaiming your joy will help you release old patterns that no longer serve you, like perfectionism, self-sabotage, and people-pleasing. Step out of self-criticism, and step into clarity and your true potential.

3. A loss of part of the soul. 

When you experience something traumatic, a part of your brain called the thalamus shuts down. Shamans believe that sometimes when this happens, a piece of your soul fractures off and is lost to the spirit realm. 

You may be experiencing soul loss if you have episodes of derealization, PTSD, depression, immune problems, or anxiety. Occasionally, soul loss can occur without a traumatic event. Most commonly, I see people who have given birth, had a traumatic medical procedure, have gotten out of a bad relationship, or who had traumatic childhoods. But trauma occurs in many forms. The book, Soul Retrieval, by Sandra Ingerman, is a wonderful resource for learning more about Soul Loss. 

Ceremony Work helps you learn how to tell your story and to gain power from your experiences. Healing is a sacred spiral dance, not an on/off switch. Ceremony is not a cure or fix-all for a lifetime of trauma. It does offer a non-traditional, non-medical approach to coping with difficult life experiences in addition to your traditional, western healing modalities. You can also get follow-up consults after your Ceremonial Healing Session where you will discover hands-on techniques, practices, and interactive prompts to help you continue walking on your healing journey.

What is Shamanic Aura Cleansing

Shamanic Cleansing is a method of cleaning spirit residue and energy. As we live and encounter our world, we can pick up entities and energies that do not serve us. 

You can (AND SHOULD) facilitate cleansing in your life, body, and home regularly. I always recommend my clients prepare their energy and cleanse before visiting with me, and offer preparation instructions, techniques, and practices to do so. You can also do simple cleansings for your home with salt and herbs. 

If you have already tried some things at home and are still feeling stuck or like you are carrying around baggage or energy that is not yours, that is the time to seek additional help.

Is Shamanic Healing for you?

Unfortunately, Shamanic Healing is not a good therapy for everyone. Those with deep psychological disturbances may benefit most from shamanic healing coupled with therapy. Or they may need to work with a therapist for some time, to make progress, gain stability in their mental health, and recover from addictions before approaching this kind of deep healing work.

Shamanic healing isn’t a miracle. Yet it is a radical step in the right direction toward healing, illumination, and self-awareness.

Does Spirit Healing Actually Work?

You must approach this work with an open mind, and you must be willing and able to move forward out of grief, struggle, and sadness. As I’ve mentioned before, shamanic work and healing is not for everyone. However, there are many peer-reviewed articles on shamanism that show the efficacy of this kind of soul healing especially when coupled with mindfulness and therapy.

I am not in the business of proving the metaphysical world exists. I cannot help people who don’t believe that healing is a possibility. But if you would like to experience healing and have an open mind and willing heart, I am here and happy to help you.

I am always open to chatting over the phone to see if you are a good candidate for shamanic healing. If you are not, I will pass you along to one of my holistic healing friends, or provide resources for professional mental and emotional help. Or, if you so desire, I will work with you until the time is right to take up the task of Ceremony Work.

How to Find the Right Shaman or Spirit Healer?

Find someone who understands your spiritual beliefs, and who can listen to you from a place of non-judgment and compassion. 

Interview and speak with a few people before you make a decision. I am always happy to pass clients along to other soul healers and spirit workers if I feel like we are not a good fit.

How to do a Shamanic House Cleansing?

I use a combination of trance, tools, music, and herbs to cleanse people, homes, and spaces. I ask that if you, your family, or friends would like to participate/witness, that they take an active role in the cleansing. I work to educate you on different practices and techniques that you can use to clear and cleanse the energy in your space.

I always encourage families to stay and take an active role in their cleansings, as I believe it’s a good chance to learn how to keep your house spiritually clean and wholesome. However, you are in no way obligated to stay while I work. Sometimes it is best to leave the space while I work to clean and clear it, so that you can come back home to a whole new energetic environment.

My Journey

I was born and raised a “Cradle Catholic,” with a love for all things ritualistic, sacred, and holy. Growing up, I wanted to be a priest, and to be able to direct energy and lead and heal people. I was told as a young child that this was not possible because I was a girl. “Only men can lead and direct sacraments and rituals.”

In 2017 I had a massive awakening moment. I went on a trip to Tennessee for a Birth Worker training and conference. I spent a week with beautiful women who taught, laughed, shared sacred space, and held ceremonies with me. It was such a transformative event that I decided then and there that I could no longer go back to the catholic church. Not only did I have major concerns about the culture, dogma, and teachings of the church, but I finally found the medicine that the church gave me outside of that structure. I found sacred space and ceremony.

From that moment on, I began seeking out women’s circles, gatherings, rituals, and ceremonies within the community. I started practicing ceremony in my daily life. And I began incorporating a more intentional way of living and working into my birth support and bodywork practice.

I am a trained reiki master, and have done a lot of training and studying in shamanic practices. I have taken shamanic energy classes with a local healer, Eileen Hetherington. I have taken online courses and workshops with Sandra Ingerman, and I have also taken courses with Grandmother Flordemayo. I take my own healing work and improvement seriously. I am currently working on a meditation teacher certification with The School of Positive Transformation. I am also proficient in The Toltec Oracle divination system and keep the Tonalpohualli Sacred Calendar as part of my daily spiritual practice.

Ceremony and Other Offerings

Suggested prices are listed, I’m open to working with people on a case-by-case basis. 


Shamanic House Cleansing

I will visit your home or property and hold a ceremony to cleanse and bless the house. I will also bless the land, and make offerings to the land spirits on behalf of your family. This is a good ceremony for anyone. You are free to be present during this ceremony and to ask as many questions as you need to. I like to teach others about how to cleanse their space while I am working. I strongly believe that you hold the power to cleanse and clear your space on your own, but I am happy to facilitate and teach you. (Typically takes between 1-5 hours, but greatly depends on the energy and size of the home, and the time it takes to travel to you.)

Suggested between: $200-800.

Cacao Ceremony

I offer private 1-to-1 cacao ceremonies in my office location. I will facilitate groups as large as 10 in your space.

Cacao is a plant medicine that opens the heart and removes energy blockages. It was traditionally used in ceremonies for love, marriage, birth, womb healing, and the like.

We make our own cacao in a ceremonial way, from fair-trade cacao nibs. We add warming herbs like cinnamon, turmeric, and pepper. And it sweetened with coconut sugar. It is not purchased in a store, and each batch is unique and crafted with intention and care.

I occasionally hold small, private cacao ceremonies.

Contraindications: Heart Problems, Caffeine Sensitivity, SSRIs.

Suggested offering: $35 per person in a group setting. $50 per person in a private setting.

Plant Medicines

I facilitate the use of legal plant medicines. I am experienced in leading plant medicine ceremonies, and do so often in legal states. I am hoping that our home state of Oklahoma will move to legalize more entheogenic plant medicines, as they are a connection to the divine and a great source of power and healing.

I often facilitate with Cacao Medicine, Hapé Medicine, and Sananga Medicine.

Hapé is a Sacred Tobacco Snuff, and it is administered through the nose. It clears the energy, and helps to facilitate clear visions and clear sinuses. You can learn more about the medicine, and order some of your own at Four Vision Marketplace.

Sananga is a Sacred Medicine that is administered through eye drops. It promotes clear sinuses, good vision, spiritual messages, seeing, and general clarity. It stings like chili pepper in the eyes for 3-5 minutes.

I know of no contraindications for Hapé or Sananga. But as always it is good to consult with a trusted doctor or herbalist before sitting with these or any plant medicines.

Suggested between $60-100 per person.

Fire And Release Ceremony

This ceremony is good for anyone. It is especially helpful if you have been through a lot of healing and heavy experiences, or if you are looking to make a change in your life. I come to your location, and we build a sacred fire together. We burn notes or items that you wish to release while calling in a life that is more harmonious to the direction of your life path and calling. I often facilitate for groups (as many as 10), but I am also willing to facilitate for one person. I can also bring Sacred Plant Medicines like Cacao, Hapé, and/or Sananga for Ceremony. Or I can offer divinations before the ceremony. I am open to customizing this to the needs of the group. (Typically takes 2-4 hours)

Suggested Between $200-800, depending on the amount of participants and travel distance

Sacred Womb Healing Ceremony

This is a Sacred Rebirth, and Womb Cleansing ceremony that is fit to your unique needs. Across many cultures, womb healing and ceremonies exist. Especially for Postpartum Women, people who have had Miscarriages/Abortions, and people who have experienced sexual violence.

A womb healing ceremony is a way to clear the wombspace of negative attachments, while inviting your sacred power and intuition back. There is no need to share words or stories, if you don’t want to. You can share as much or as little as you need to to find healing.

This ceremony consists of Body Work, Rebozo Massage, Energy Medicine, and Plant Medicines like Mother Cacao. I work to tailor these sessions to your specific needs, so sometimes I offer prep work or special herbs for sacred cleansing baths before the day of the ceremony.

I can facilitate 1-to-1 or in groups as many as 10.

Suggested offering $50 per person in a group setting, $150 per person in a private setting.

Weddings, Baby Blessings, Mother Blessings, Coming of Age, Custom Ceremonies

I am an ordained minister, and I am licensed in the state of Oklahoma to provide wedding ceremonies. I also carry a lot of feminine wisdom so I like to facilitate Mother Blessings for expecting moms, and Baby Blessings for new parents. I have also facilitated coming of age ceremonies, transition (gender) ceremonies, and menarche ceremonies.

Shamanic Coaching/ Mentorship

This is an intuitive life coaching session. I am trained in coaching, but I am also an Energy Medicine practitioner, and an intuitive. When I speak to you, I scan your energy and see where it is coming from. I find where your energy, emotions, and attachments are stuck in your body.


  • Move energy, blocks, and obstacles while gaining clarity and empowerment in your own path.
  • Receive intuitive impressions as they come up, and active listening and without judgment.
  • Discover techniques, spiritual practices, and ceremonies that you can do to help yourself. 


  • This service is intense work on your part. It requires you to reflect, dig deep, and move energy. It is included in my Soul Healing Ceremony work as a way to prepare to make changes and move energy in your life.
  • Not everyone is at a place on their healing journey where they are ready for this type of healing and commitment. If you are not in a place where you want to move forward, I suggest that you look into a Reiki Energy Medicine session or an Intuitive Divination. 


Sit with your heart space and ask yourself what needs to be moved, shifted, or uncovered. Have a 2-3 questions, stories, or objectives that you want to talk about.

Soul Healing Ceremonies

These are serious ceremonies that bring back fractured soul pieces, restore lost power, and call in power animals and helpers for you. These ceremonies are not right for everyone, and can only be booked after a consultation with me.


For repeat clients who have already had coaching and ceremony work with me. This offering is only available to clients who have worked with me in the past.
This offering includes:

  • A ceremony, which takes about 2 hours of prep work for me, and 1-2 hours of facilitation in person for you, depending on what is needed.
  • Suggested offering $111-333


For people who have never worked with me, have never experienced ceremony work.
This work includes:

  • A Consult 2 weeks before ceremony, to prepare you. You will get instructions on activities and techniques that will help you change your life in preparation for this serious work.
  • An in person ceremony facilitation with me.
  • A Consult 1 week afterwards, to process heal, and integrate your experiences.
  • Suggested offering $444-777


For people who want to make the most out of the transformational ceremonial journey they are embarking on. This offering includes:

  • Everything included in the Basic Ceremony Package.
  • A monthly coaching call every month for 3 additional months following the ceremony.
  • This will really help you to get your energy in alignment, and to keep those new patterns in. This offering also gives you the accountability needed to continue to heal, feel well, integrate the experience, and continue to do the work of healing.
  • Suggested offering $777-1111

Other Offerings


Gentle Intuitive guidance to help you find insight and move forward in life. I do not predict or tell the future. Rather I take an intuitive look at the energy that surrounds you, your relationships, and your situations. This looks into the energy of things and helps you gain clarity and insight so you feel confident enough to take the next steps in your journey.


I have been an active Reiki practitioner since 2015. I have been teaching Reiki classes and passing Reiki Attunements since 2017. I offer Reiki and Energy Medicine sessions where I work to balance, clear, and bless your auric field. 

Reiki is a Japanese Energetic Technique that promotes healing, relaxation, well-being, and reduction of stress. It is a really great option for people who are just stepping into alternative healing modalities and who are interested in energetic work.


Aura Cleansing is a more serious type of energy medicine for people who need energetic restoration, regular care and maintenance, or removal of unwanted, dense, or otherwise negative energies.

We have a physical body, and an energetic body. It’s important to care for and maintain both! Your energy body or auric field picks up density from your experiences and interactions. This treatment helps to clear and cleanse the auric field so that you can feel lighter, more clear, and more energetic.


  • Please wear comfortable clothing, you’ll be laying on a treatment table for most of this session.
  • You might feel heat or coldness from my hands, tingling, or vibration.
  • It’s normal for people to experience symptoms of energy moving in their body.
  • Symptoms of releasing and processing energy might look like: yawning, burping, coughing, remembering, story-telling, or experiencing emotions and deep feelings.


  • You may feel lighter, more creative, and more connected and inspired.
  • Journaling about your experience can help you maintain growth and healing.
  • You may feel tired or need extra rest after doing this work, plan to take a day or so for self care after scheduling these sessions.

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