Do you take on everyone else’s energy? Is your social battery quick to drain? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to be able to help people, without taking on their energy and feeling depleted? It’s hard to be a healer and an empath. Learn the skills you need to cleanse your own energy, ground, and connect so that you can help others while maintaining good boundaries and energy. 

Learn to put your empath skills to work in a way that supports the growth, healing, and wholeness of your entire community

How do Shamans Heal?

Soul Healers use trance and shamanic journey to drop into a different world. A world of purpose, prayer, and intention. The world of ceremonies, rituals, tools, music, connection to helping spirits, and plant medicines. This new world will open your mind as you step out on your radical soul healing journey. 

Feeling Stagnant? And like you don’t know the next steps to move forward?

Shamanic Healing, Ceremony, and Coaching give you the tools you need to get unstuck, to dissolve energy blocks, and obstacles in your life. You will experience a uniquely crafted ceremonial healing session that will help you achieve breakthrough and unstick you from your spiritual stagnation. You will also get spiritual advice and consulting to help you stay accountable on  your healing journey and move forward into the energy that you desire.

Have you tried therapy, medication, and traditional healing methods?

There is a time and place for this type of healing, but you are ready to experience a new, non-traditional modality.

Expand your spiritual toolbox, and experience a new way to connect with Spirit and yourself.

Are you on an awakening journey, but lacking direction?

There is a lot of information out there on the internet. It can be overwhelming!
Get the direction you need to find your own path, and to heal on your terms.

Get guidance on tools, techniques, and practices that will help you tune in and strengthen your own inner knowing and intuition.

Gain confidence in your own spiritual path through the healing power of Sacred Ceremony.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get the healing you need to move forward on your journey?

You are on this spiritual journey, you might even feel called to help others.

Ceremony helps you activate your own inner light so that your illumination radiates outward to help heal and uplift your family, community, and world.

Take your Power back, stand in healthy boundaries, and take the first step forward in your healing journey.

What is a Shamanic Journey?

Shamanic Journey is a state of non-ordinary reality, sometimes called a trance state. During the journey, the practitioner’s brain waves are physically altered to a half-dream half-awake state. During a trance state the brain goes into Theta, this is where intuition thrives and is the entrance to the spirit world. The practitioner prays, calls on helping spirits, can bring back energetic pieces you have lost, clear negative chains of energy that affect your life, and reclaim power animals and helpers for you on your behalf. Shamanic Journeying should not be taken lightly, the outer realms should only be accessed through ceremony, with a practitioner who is experienced and capable of protecting themselves. 

A Sacred trance state is entered through shifting awareness, meditating, reciting mantras, or by using drums and instruments.

What do Shamans Believe?

Evidence of Universal Shamanism or Spirit Healing can be found across every indigenous culture and dates back to early humans who lived in tribes and practiced Animism. (Animism is the belief that everything is sacred and has a spirit.) 

Therefore, different practitioners have varying methods of practice and differing beliefs. However, there are 3 main precepts or principles that all Shamans believe in. 

  1. We will see the unseen.
    It is the Shaman’s goal to uncover all of the things that we can not ordinarily see. A good Spirit Healer relies on their heart and separates themselves from the ego. Shamans should be slow to judgment, understanding, and compassionate. 
  2. We will see all things through our hearts.
    The goal of the Shaman is to remain heart-centered in all thoughts, words, and actions. The Shaman strives to remain true to their heart, so they don’t dishonor their own soul, and so they don’t deceive themselves with their egos.
  3. Every person has a medicine to share.
    Imagine if you believed that every person you encountered had a medicine that could save your life. If you treated every human with that kind of value, you wouldn’t hold grudges, be angry, or think yourself better than anyone else.

“Religions tell people what God wants from them… When you enter into the shamanic experience, what goes on is between you and God. You are not hearing someone else talking about God. You are interacting with God by yourself. In shamanism, no buildings or churches are required in order to meet the divine. The sacred experience happens…ultimately anywhere.”

~Victor Sanchez, The Toltec Oracle

Shamanic work helps you find a deeper connection to yourself and explore spirituality outside of religion, dogma, and organized belief systems. You can be a devotee of religion, or you can be a spiritual seeker who is looking for a new framework for spirituality. Opening yourself up to Ceremonial work can be a great way to gain insight and discover what beliefs are best for you.

Feeling like you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into healing, and not sure where to go from here? 

This work helps you gain a deeper insight and connection to yourself, especially if you’ve had painful and traumatic experiences. Anxiety and Trauma shouldn’t be what runs your life and controls your energy. Shamanic Ceremony doesn’t erase painful experiences. But it turns them into powerful reference points for your future spiritual walk and practice.

Explore Ceremony Work and Energy Medicine that will give you the insight and peace you need to create breakthrough and positive change.

What is Shamanism?

A shaman is a Spirit Healer who alters their ordinary consciousness to journey into the unseen spirit world. The shaman intercedes for your soul on their behalf and employs the help of special animals, angels, deities, and other unseen beings. Shamans bring back fractured soul parts, clear negative energy chains, and find answers to questions that seemingly have no resolutions. These Spirit Healers work to resolve real-life issues such as diseases, depression, trauma, addictions, and pain by discovering the root cause of these issues.

The word Shaman comes from a place called Tunguska on the Siberian Plateau. It means; “One who sees in the dark.” It became the catch-all phrase for spirit healers in our modern world. Personally, I don’t refer to myself as a shaman. I don’t feel that is my title or my culture. I know that many people who are looking for Spirit Healers will look for the word shaman even though it is not an entirely accurate term. Shamans and Shamanism as referred to in this article are “Modern day, Neo Spirit Healers.” I in no way wish to disregard or disrespect the Tunguska people with my work or my healing practices. 

My hope is that people who are searching for Spirit Healers come to the understanding that “Shaman” is an outdated, blanket term that is not a culturally competent title for most modern healers. It’s much like the label “Witch Doctor.” It’s a general term the public uses for lack of education on natural healing and wisdom. 

Anyone can, AND SHOULD, practice “shamanism.” This term is the widely used, anthropological term for earth-based, animist, spirit healing practices. We are all from the Earth, so we are inseparably entangled with her. Shamanic healing and practices help us remember our connection to the Earth; these practices help us gain a deeper connection and understanding of our own power and energy. 

However, practicing Shamanism does not make you a Shaman. A Shaman is a person who has been through Spiritual initiations with Spirit, teachers, tribe members, and other Shamans. They are dedicated to living an impeccable life and serving Spirit. The title, Shaman, is an honor and a label that your community gives you, not a title you claim for yourself.

I practice and teach Universal Shamanism, or a collection of Earth Based practices that help you get in touch with your our authenticity and wisdom. These practices are powerful tools that belong to all humans. They practices don’t descend from any one Master, Shaman, or Lineage. Instead these are practices that are found throughout the world, in every culture, ancestry and heritage known to man.

3 Ways Shamans Perceive Illness

Spirit Healers believe almost all mental, physical, and spiritual illness is caused by:

1. A loss of power.

I see you. I know you are serious about healing, and working through the trauma and hardships you’ve faced. I’m here to offer you direction, clarity, and inspiration. 

Often a loss of power is a loss of an important soul connection or identity. This can occur if you lose a long-time partner or job, or experience grief or trauma. Think of older folks in your life who died shortly after losing their long-term partners. 

Ceremony work helps you gain power from the past experiences that held you back. It helps you remember your power. You’ll walk into your own healing journey with the ability to feel comfortable in your own energy. Step into spirituality on your terms and heal for yourself, your family, and your community.  

2. A loss of joy.

Don’t allow your thoughts, negativity, and criticisms to run your life.

Fear is the most common ailment for those suffering from a lack of joy. Fear blocks your joy and your ability to think freely. It also is the main cause of stress and loss of life for humans. 

Adults lack fun and ease in their lives. They spend too much time working, too little time playing. Too much time worrying, and not enough time enjoying life. All of this leads to imbalance and a loss of joy, and vital energy.

Reclaiming your joy will help you release old patterns that no longer serve you, like perfectionism, self-sabotage, and people-pleasing. Step out of self-criticism, and step into clarity and your true potential.

3. A loss of part of the soul. 

When you experience something traumatic, a part of your brain called the thalamus shuts down. Shamans believe that sometimes when this happens, a piece of your soul fractures off and is lost to the spirit realm. 

You may be experiencing soul loss if you have episodes of derealization, PTSD, depression, immune problems, or anxiety. Occasionally, soul loss can occur without a traumatic event. Most commonly, I see people who have given birth, had a traumatic medical procedure, have gotten out of a bad relationship, or who had traumatic childhoods. But trauma occurs in many forms. The book, Soul Retrieval, by Sandra Ingerman, is a wonderful resource for learning more about Soul Loss. 

Ceremony Work helps you learn how to tell your story and to gain power from your experiences. Healing is a sacred spiral dance, not an on/off switch. Ceremony is not a cure or fix-all for a lifetime of trauma. It does offer a non-traditional, non-medical approach to coping with difficult life experiences in addition to your traditional, western healing modalities. You can also get follow-up consults after your Ceremonial Healing Session where you will discover hands-on techniques, practices, and interactive prompts to help you continue walking on your healing journey.

What is Shamanic Aura Cleansing

Shamanic Cleansing is a method of cleaning spirit residue and energy. As we live and encounter our world, we can pick up entities and energies that do not serve us. 

You can (AND SHOULD) facilitate cleansing in your life, body, and home regularly. I always recommend my clients prepare their energy and cleanse before visiting with me, and offer preparation instructions, techniques, and practices to do so. You can also do simple cleansings for your home with salt and herbs. 

If you have already tried some things at home and are still feeling stuck or like you are carrying around baggage or energy that is not yours, that is the time to seek additional help.

Is Shamanic Healing for you?

Unfortunately, Shamanic Healing is not a good therapy for everyone. Those with deep psychological disturbances may benefit most from shamanic healing coupled with therapy. Or they may need to work with a therapist for some time, to make progress, gain stability in their mental health, and recover from addictions before approaching this kind of deep healing work.

Shamanic healing isn’t a miracle. Yet it is a radical step in the right direction toward healing, illumination, and self-awareness.

Does Spirit Healing Actually Work?

You must approach this work with an open mind, and you must be willing and able to move forward out of grief, struggle, and sadness. As I’ve mentioned before, shamanic work and healing is not for everyone. However, there are many peer-reviewed articles on shamanism that show the efficacy of this kind of soul healing especially when coupled with mindfulness and therapy.

I am not in the business of proving the metaphysical world exists. I cannot help people who don’t believe that healing is a possibility. But if you would like to experience healing and have an open mind and willing heart, I am here and happy to help you.

I am always open to chatting over the phone to see if you are a good candidate for shamanic healing. If you are not, I will pass you along to one of my holistic healing friends, or provide resources for professional mental and emotional help. Or, if you so desire, I will work with you until the time is right to take up the task of Ceremony Work.

How to Find the Right Shaman or Spirit Healer?

Find someone who understands your spiritual beliefs, and who can listen to you from a place of non-judgment and compassion. 

Interview and speak with a few people before you make a decision. I am always happy to pass clients along to other soul healers and spirit workers if I feel like we are not a good fit.

How to do a Shamanic House Cleansing?

I use a combination of trance, tools, music, and herbs to cleanse people, homes, and spaces. I ask that if you, your family, or friends would like to participate/witness, that they take an active role in the cleansing. I work to educate you on different practices and techniques that you can use to clear and cleanse the energy in your space.

I always encourage families to stay and take an active role in their cleansings, as I believe it’s a good chance to learn how to keep your house spiritually clean and wholesome. However, you are in no way obligated to stay while I work. Sometimes it is best to leave the space while I work to clean and clear it, so that you can come back home to a whole new energetic environment.

My Journey

I was born and raised a “Cradle Catholic,” with a love for all things ritualistic, sacred, and holy. Growing up, I wanted to be a priest, and to be able to direct energy and lead and heal people. I was told as a young child that this was not possible because I was a girl. “Only men can lead and direct sacraments and rituals.”

In 2017 I had a massive awakening moment. I went on a trip to Tennessee for a Birth Worker training and conference. I spent a week with beautiful women who taught, laughed, shared sacred space, and held ceremonies with me. It was such a transformative event that I decided then and there that I could no longer go back to the catholic church. Not only did I have major concerns about the culture, dogma, and teachings of the church, but I finally found the medicine that the church gave me outside of that structure. I found sacred space and ceremony.

From that moment on, I began seeking out women’s circles, gatherings, rituals, and ceremonies within the community. I started practicing ceremony in my daily life. And I began incorporating a more intentional way of living and working into my birth support and bodywork practice.

I am a trained reiki master, and have done a lot of training and studying in shamanic practices. I have taken shamanic energy classes with a local healer, Eileen Hetherington. I have taken online courses and workshops with Sandra Ingerman, and I have also taken courses with Grandmother Flordemayo. I take my own healing work and improvement seriously. I am currently working on a meditation teacher certification with The School of Positive Transformation.

In my own personal practice I pray every day, I meditate often. I keep the count of the Sacred Calendar so I can be intentional about my work and the energy of each day. When I am called, I fast and practice dietas. I make offerings to the land, I connect to the spirits of the land, I travel to places and hold ceremony for the healing and restoration of the land. and I am passionate about teaching others how to uncover their own wisdom and personal ceremonial practices.

Practicing ceremony intuitively, or with the practices of your ancestors can be a way to bring on deep healing and integration in your life. Ceremony isn’t just something that priests do on Sunday or for Weddings. Ceremony is a healing and intentional state of mind. Practicing ceremony helps us to step into our intuition, and out of the worries, fears, and limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Ceremony and Other Offerings

Suggested prices are listed online, I’m open to working with people on a case-by-case basis. 


Shamanic House Cleansing

Shamanic House Blessing: Harmonize Your Space
Experience the transformation of a Shamanic House Cleansing and Blessing—a sacred ritual revitalizing your home and restoring its energetic balance. With reverence and intention, I will visit your property to cleanse your space, bless your home, and offer gratitude to the land spirits on your behalf.

A Ceremony for All The Vibes
This ceremony is tailored for anyone seeking to purify and elevate their living environment. Whether clearing stagnant energy, preparing for new beginnings, or simply seeking harmony, this ritual welcomes you.

Participate and Learn
You’re invited to join in this powerful ceremony, asking questions and gaining insights as I guide you through the process. I am passionate about empowering you with the knowledge to cleanse and maintain your space independently.

The Process
I will cleanse and bless your home, infusing it with positive energies and protection. This is done in lightheartedness and fun as we harmonize and clear energy with instruments, drums, rattles, smoke, and songs. Land spirits will be honored through herb, cornmeal, and sound offerings, fostering a harmonious relationship between your family and the environment. Your presence is welcomed as we co-create a sacred, balanced space in ceremony. I firmly believe that you hold the power to cleanse and clear your space on your own, but I am happy to facilitate and teach you. 

Suggested Offering
The duration of the ceremony varies, typically ranging from 1 to 5 hours. Consider your space’s energy, size, and travel time. The suggested exchange for this offering is $200-800. 

Embrace the Alchemy
Unveil the magic of a revitalized living space through the Shamanic House Cleansing and Blessing Ceremony. Book your transformative session today and embrace the journey toward energetic harmony and renewal.

Cacao Ceremony

Private Cacao Facilitation: A Personalized Heart-Opening Journey
Experience the heart-opening magic of cacao in our Private 1-to-1 Cacao Ceremonies, hosted in our sacred space or the comfort of your own home. Dive into the transformative world of cacao as it gently opens your heart, releases energy blockages, and guides you on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Tailored to You
In our private sessions, the focus is solely on you and your intentions. I design a personalized cacao journey that aligns with your unique needs, creating a space for deep connection, insight, and emotional release.

Expand into Group Bliss
For those seeking a shared experience, we offer group ceremonies for up to 10 participants in a location of your choice. Unite with friends or loved ones and embark on a heart-centered journey together.

Unveil Cacao’s Ancient Wisdom
Cacao, a revered plant medicine, has a rich ceremonial use history. Traditionally honored for love, marriage, birth, and womb healing, cacao’s sacred essence supports you in accessing your true heart’s desires.

Crafted with Intention
Our cacao is no ordinary blend. I carefully handcraft each batch with ceremony and intention. I create our cacao from fair-trade cacao nibs. Infused with warming spices like cinnamon, turmeric, and pepper and sweetened with coconut sugar, each batch is a unique embodiment of intention and reverence. It’s a sacred elixir I carefully prepare to honor the plant’s spirit and ignite your growth and transformation journey.

Book Your Cacao Awakening
Step into a world of heart-centered awareness. Whether a solo voyage or a shared experience, this ceremony offers you the chance to embrace the heart-opening magic of cacao. Contact us to arrange your private session or group journey.
Elevate your senses, open your heart, and embark on a personalized cacao journey that honors tradition, intention, and boundless potential.

Contraindications: Heart Problems, Caffeine Sensitivity, SSRIs.

Plant Medicines

Elevate Your Journey with Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies
Embark on a transformative exploration of legal plant medicines under expert guidance. As a seasoned facilitator, I lead ceremonies that honor the divine connection and harness the profound power of entheogenic plant medicine retreats in legal states. While we await potential legalization of these powerful allies in Oklahoma, I specialize in Cacao, Hapé, and Sananga ceremonies, providing you with a safe and sacred space to experience their unique healing energies.

Hapé Medicine
Experience the wisdom of Sacred Tobacco Snuff, administered through the nose. Feel the energy clear as visions become lucid and sinuses open. Delve deeper into this medicine at Four Vision Marketplace.

Sananga Medicine
Engage with Sacred Medicine eye drops made in ceremony and prayer by indigenous tribes in the Amazon, unlocking clear sinuses, enhanced vision, and spiritual insights. Embrace the brief sting for 3-5 minutes as clarity washes over you.

Guided by Experience and Care
Your safety and well-being are paramount. While Hapé and Sananga typically have no contraindications, consult a trusted healthcare professional is advised before embarking on this journey or any plant medicine.

Empower Your Path
Reap the benefits of sacred plant medicines on your journey to healing and enlightenment. Join me in ceremonial reverence, where the gifts of these sacred plants are honored, celebrated, and shared.

Investment in Self
Experience the power of these ceremonies. Each offering offers unique insight and healing.

Unveil the profound potential of sacred plant medicine ceremonies—book your transformative journey today. Discover the divine connection and healing energies that await within these timeless rituals.

Fire And Release Ceremony

Sacred Fire Ceremony: Ignite Transformation and Renewal
Step into a realm of transmutation and alignment through a Sacred Fire Ceremony. This timeless ritual guides you towards releasing the weight of the past and embracing the path of harmonious change and empowerment.For

Everyone Seeking Renewal
Fire Ceremony is a powerful catalyst for personal evolution. Whether you’ve journeyed through intense healing or seek to realign your life’s direction, this offering is a sacred space for profound shifts and renewal.

Your Location, Your Fire We bring the ceremony to you, creating a sacred fire together on your chosen site. As the flames dance, we honor your intention by releasing notes or items symbolic of what you wish to let go. Simultaneously, we invoke energies aligned with your life path, inviting harmony and transformation.

Personal and Group Transformation
Our ceremony adapts to your needs. Facilitating for both individuals and groups (up to 20), we hold space for shared healing and collective intentions. Through the alchemy of the fire, we connect hearts, release burdens, and set the stage for new beginnings.

Enhancing the Journey
To deepen the experience, we offer the option to incorporate Sacred Plant Medicines such as Cacao, Hapé, and Sananga. These sacred allies can amplify your connection to the ceremony’s energies. Additionally, pre-ceremony divination sessions are available, shedding light on your path before stepping into the fire’s embrace.

Tailored to You
Every ceremony is a unique creation tailored to the group’s needs. We blend ancient earth-based practices with modern insight to craft a sacred space that resonates deeply. Duration typically ranges from 2 to 6 hours, allowing ample time for transformative work.

Investment in Transformation
We offer a sliding scale and considering factors like the number of participants and travel distance. This exchange ensures accessibility while valuing the experience and expertise that goes into crafting your transformational journey.

Embrace the Fire of Renewal
Ignite your inner fire of transformation through our Sacred Fire Ceremony. With reverence, intention, and the power of the flames, you embark on a journey of release and renewal. Book a ceremony today and kindle the spark of change within.

Reclaim your path, release what no longer serves, and welcome the dawn of your empowered journey.

Sacred Womb Healing Ceremony

Sacred Womb Healing and Activation Ceremony: A Journey of Transformation and Empowerment
Experience a profound reconnection with your divine feminine essence through Sacred Womb Healing and Activation. I carefully craft this transformative ceremony to meet your unique needs, bringing renewal, healing, and empowerment.

Unlock Your Sacred Power
This ceremony is a sacred space where you can embark on a powerful journey of rebirth and renewal. Across many cultures, womb healing and ceremonies exist, especially for the postpartum period, for people who have had Miscarriages/Abortions, and for people who have experienced sexual violence.

Womb Cleansing and Rebirth
Allow us to guide you through a gentle yet profound energetic womb cleansing, freeing you from emotional burdens and energetic imbalances. This ceremony celebrates your body’s innate wisdom, inviting you to release what no longer serves you and embrace a fresh beginning. 

The Womb-Intuition Connection
Within the sacred confines of the womb lies an intricate web of energy that extends far beyond its physical form. After cleansing, we will activate your wombspace to create a harmonious bridge to your intuitive self. Just as the womb has the power to nurture and birth life, it is also a wellspring of intuitive wisdom. Connecting with your wombspace opens the door to a deeper understanding of your authentic self, emotions, and intuition.

Tailored to Your Needs
I draw upon my extensive experience in the healing arts and meticulously tailor each ceremony to your unique journey. From divination to bodywork and Rebozo massage, energy medicine, and the heart-opening power of Mama Cacao, I intentionally choose every element to support your personal transformation.

Healing Without Words
We understand that healing doesn’t always require spoken words. You can share your story or quietly immerse yourself in the healing energies of the ceremony. Our space is one of complete acceptance, where you can find solace, renewal, and transformation at your own pace.

Preparation and Guidance
To ensure your experience is profound and holistic, we offer guidance on sacred cleansing baths and preparation work before your ceremony. This extra step enhances the potency of the healing process and nurtures your connection with the sacred energies.

Personalized Consultation
I offer free consultations, allowing me to understand your unique needs and intentions. We will co-create a ceremony that aligns with your healing, empowerment, and growth desires.

Individual or Group Sessions
I offer the intimacy of one-on-one sessions or the powerful experience of group ceremonies, accommodating up to 10 participants. Whichever path you choose, rest assured that you will be held in a space of compassion and reverence.

Embrace Your Sacred Rebirth
Embark on a transformative journey that honors your sacred self, nurtures your womb space, and ignites your intuition and power—step into a healing world guided by experienced hands and the nurturing embrace of ancient earth-based traditions.
Reconnect with your womb, embrace your intuition, and awaken to a new level of empowerment. Remember who you are, and step into your power. Your sacred journey awaits.

Weddings, Baby Blessings, Mother Blessings, Coming of Age, Custom Ceremonies

Sacred Celebrations: Crafting Unforgettable Moments
Elevate your special day with personalized wedding ceremonies and transformative life celebrations. As an ordained minister licensed in Oklahoma, I specialize in curating meaningful unions that honor your unique love story. But the magic doesn’t stop there—I also bring feminine wisdom to Mother Blessings, Baby Blessings, coming of age, transition, and menarche ceremonies.

Weddings Beyond Ordinary
With heartfelt reverence and attention to detail, I guide you through a wedding ceremony that reflects your love’s depth and individuality. Your journey is one-of-a-kind; your ceremony should be too.

Celebrating New Life
Welcome the joys of motherhood with a Mother Blessing or embrace the transformative path of parenthood with a Baby Blessing. These rituals honor new beginnings and the profound cycles of life.

Honoring Transitions
Celebrate life’s transformative passages. From coming of age to gender transition and menarche, I craft ceremonies that honor growth, self-discovery, and authenticity.

Your Vision, Our Journey
Every ceremony is a co-creation infused with your values, beliefs, and desires. I’ll guide you in shaping an unforgettable moment that resonates with your soul.

Embrace the Extraordinary
Step into sacred celebrations where love, wisdom, and ritual converge. Contact me to co-create a cherished memory that will forever enrich your journey.

Craft your moment of union or transition with grace and intention. Let’s create a ceremony that resonates with your heart’s deepest desires, making your celebration an unforgettable chapter in your life’s story.

Shamanic Coaching/ Mentorship

Shamanic Coaching: Intuitive Guidance for Empowered Living
Experience a unique blend of intuitive life coaching, Energy Medicine, and spiritual insight through our Shamanic Coaching sessions. These sessions offer a transformative exploration of your energy, emotions, and attachments, paving the way for profound healing and growth.

Elevate Your Path
Step into a space of profound transformation and deep listening. When you speak to me, I scan your energy and see where it comes from. I find where the energy, emotions, and attachments are stuck in your body. And help empower you to create space for the movement of energy and newfound clarity.

Unveiling Intuitive Impressions
Discover intuitive insights in real time as you engage in a safe space of active, judgment-free listening. These impressions provide a unique perspective, shedding light on your path and guiding you toward empowered decision-making.

Techniques and Tools
Experience the power of shamanic coaching as we share techniques, spiritual practices, and ceremonies that empower you to navigate your personal healing journey confidently and self-assuredly.

A Journey of Self-Reflection
This transformative work is a collaborative effort that requires your active participation. Prepare to reflect, delve deep, and shift energy. This offering is vital in preparing for a Soul Healing Ceremony or intense shamanic work. It can also be helpful in the process of integration after ceremony work.

Readiness and Alternatives
Recognize that willingness varies on the healing journey. If unprepared for this intensive healing commitment, explore Energy Medicine sessions or Intuitive Divination as alternative pathways to healing.

Prepare for Your Session

  1. Before booking, connect with your heart space.
  2. Ask what needs shifting, uncovering, or exploring.
  3. Bring 2-3 questions, stories, or objectives that resonate with your path.

Embrace Empowerment
Illuminate your path, break free from obstacles, and embrace empowered living with our Shamanic Coaching. Book a session now and embark on a transformative self-discovery, healing, and renewal journey.

Reveal the potential within, embark on a journey of introspection, and tap into the wellspring of intuitive guidance for a life of empowered purpose and transformation.

Soul Healing Ceremonies

Shamanic Soul Healing Ceremonies: Your Path to Wholeness
Experience the profound transformation of Shamanic Soul Healing Ceremonies, carefully crafted to mend fragmented soul pieces, reclaim lost power, and invoke the guidance of power animals and allies. These sacred ceremonies are a gateway to inner healing and empowerment.

For Serious Seekers
Our ceremonies delve deep into soul healing, restoring harmony and vitality. Please note these ceremonies require prior consultation to ensure alignment and readiness for this intensive work.

Embrace Wholeness Today
Unveil the power of Shamanic Soul Healing Ceremonies and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and lasting transformation. Book your consultation and choose the path that resonates with your soul’s journey.
Rediscover your innate wholeness, reclaim lost power, and forge a profound connection with your spiritual allies through Shamanic Soul Healing Ceremonies.

Note: we offer bartering, sliding scale, and special considerations for each client. We do this to bring accessibility to everyone while still honoring the expertise and experience that goes into building and facilitating each ceremony.

Other Offerings


Gentle Intuitive guidance to help you find insight and move forward in life. I do not predict or tell the future. Rather I take an intuitive look at the energy that surrounds you, your relationships, and your situations. This looks into the energy of things and helps you gain clarity and insight so you feel confident enough to take the next steps in your journey.


I have been an active Reiki practitioner since 2015. I have been teaching Reiki classes and passing Reiki Attunements since 2017. I offer Reiki and Energy Medicine sessions where I work to balance, clear, and bless your auric field. 

Reiki is a Japanese Energetic Technique that promotes healing, relaxation, well-being, and reduction of stress. It is a really great option for people who are just stepping into alternative healing modalities and who are interested in energetic work.

SHAMANIC AURA CLEANSING: Revitalize Your Energetic Essence
Experience the restoration of Shamanic Aura Cleansing—a transformative energy medicine for those seeking revitalization, regular energetic care, or release from unwanted densities. Elevate your well-being with this sacred practice.

Why Aura Cleansing?
We care for our physical bodies every day. Our energetic self also requires care and nurturing. The auric field absorbs energies from experiences and interactions, impacting our vitality. This treatment purifies and refreshes your auric field, bringing newfound lightness, clarity, and vitality.

The Experience
Arrive in comfortable attire for a restorative session on a treatment table. Sensations of warmth, coolness, tingling, or vibration may occur as I work with your energies. Expect natural symptoms of energy movement, like yawning, burping, or emotional shifts.

Shamanic Allies
During the session, I incorporate shamanic tools—smoke, drums, rattles, and crystals—harmonizing healing for a unique cleansing experience.

After the Treatment
Embrace an energetic unburdening of the cleansing ritual. Sense the uplifting transformation, heightened creativity, and deepened connection. Consider journaling to nurture growth and healing. Allocate time for rest afterward; the process may leave you rejuvenated but may also call for self-care and quiet reflection. 

Embrace Renewal Today
Unveil the radiance of your energetic self through Shamanic Aura Cleansing. Elevate your energy, clarity, and connection with this sacred practice. Book your session and immerse yourself in the journey of revitalization and healing.

Refresh your energetic essence, release attachments, invite lightness, and foster a renewed connection with the profound art of Shamanic Aura.


Pricing Structure

🔮 30 minutes: $33.33 | A quick dive into guidance and clarity.
🌟 60 minutes: $99.99 | A deeper journey into self-discovery, energetic balance, and healing.
🌠 120 minutes: $144.44 | A sacred space for insight, clearing, and transformative work.
🌄 All Day (up to 6 hours) | $444.44 A full day of immersive spiritual work, healing, and exploration.

These prices reflect not only the time and expertise I bring to each session but also the energetic commitment you make to your own growth. It’s an exchange that values the work we do together and the impact it has on your life.

With years of experience and a commitment to your well-being, I’m here to guide you on your path to awakening your intuition and seeing through your heart. A path, empowerment, and self-discovery. Each session is an investment in your spiritual journey, helping you to create lasting, positive change in your life.

Choose the option that resonates with you, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

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