Walking through the transformative journey of pregnancy?

Master the skills of ceremony, intuition, and energetic mindfulness to give birth with confidence, on your terms.

What if birth could be a spiritual experience instead of a stressful medical event? 

To your doctor, midwife, and nurses, birth is something that happens in a hospital setting, thousands of times in their careers. It’s a routine series of protocols and procedures. 

Birth is more than just a medical event. It’s the transformational doorway that brings your baby earthside. Of course, everyone wants a healthy mom and a healthy baby. But healthy is the bare minimum.

You want more than the bare minimum from your birthing experience. That’s where doulas come in! Doulas are dedicated to exploring ways to reduce harm and help mothers feel empowered through the birth experience. Doulas believe that birth is a highly personal and spiritual experience that shapes your journey into parenthood.

In my role as a doula, I will help you find your own strength by sharing evidence-based information with you throughout pregnancy, and in real-time during your birth. I am present and emotionally available for you during your unique experience. I’m not paid by hospitals, birth centers, or insurance companies. I have no hidden agendas. I am devoted to my clients and help improve birth outcomes.

There are many unknowns when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and birth. But regardless of how your birth unfolds, it is always a radical and transformational experience.

What if my birth doesn’t turn out as planned?

As a doula, I help my clients feel strong, empowered, and supported no matter what unforeseen circumstances may show up. Babies don’t read birth plans, so I teach skills throughout pregnancy that help you to be flexible and strong. 

At the end of the day, if you feel like you were supported, educated, and in control of the experience, it is an empowering and beautiful journey. Birth is about more than how the story ends up, or what twists and turns the path takes.

Tired of sifting through endless content to find information about preparing for birth?

All of the information can be paralyzing. Google has a million-and-one search results. On forums, everyone says something different. And there is so much contradicting information out there!

I help my clients get the resources they need to solve the problems that arise for them. I specialize in helping you find the education you need to gain peace of mind and clarity.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that your partner is confident enough to take charge and support you?

I’ve been a doula since 2014. What I’ve seen in the vast majority of cases is: when a dad or a partner doesn’t know what to do at birth, they do nothing at all. And it’s not because they don’t want to be present in this momentous experience. It’s because they understand how important birth is, and they don’t want to mess up.

You and your partner will master advocacy during labor, birth planning, and comfort techniques at our doula-led individualized childbirth education workshop. Not only will your mind be put to ease, but your partner will feel confident enough to step in and really support you!

Having a doula present at your birth takes stress off your partner. Instead of wondering what techniques or positions might be beneficial, they will have the expert guidance of someone who has walked through the birth support role many times. Doulas not only help moms through labor and birth, but we are also there just as much for partners!

There are two types of people experiencing pregnancy. Let’s take a walk in their shoes for just a moment. Both moms care deeply about their babies and want to do what is right.

Mom #1

  • Has heard about only scary and traumatic birth experiences, and thinks her experience will be the same
  • Despite hours of research, feels overloaded with information and still feels unsure of what information is good and valuable
  • Wants to just get through the birth process and be healthy
  • Feels like a number to her doctor, but thinks that is normal
  • Knows that there is something powerful about the experience of birth, but is unsure how to uncover that power

Mom #2

  • Knows that birth is a spiritual initiation that brings valuable lessons about parenting 
  • Feels 100% supported throughout pregnancy
  • Had all of her questions answered and had tangible direction and techniques to work with
  • Was educated about the options available during the pregnancy and birth process and fully supported in her birth plan
  • Has the tools and information to feel supported during possible plan changes and medical interventions during labor
  • Feels powerful and honored through intentional birth. She didn’t have to regroup and heal from the experience. Her gentle step into parenting encourages bonding and intensifies her trust in her own strength and intuition

Why are most moms stuck as #1?
Society normalizes birth as a traumatic medical event, and most folks don’t know all of the options available to them. Society simply doesn’t provide good education about the different options you have available to you. If you aren’t educated about the support and options that you have available to you, you have none. 

This is why working with a doula is life changing.

Friends, Family, and Medical Professionals will tell you “All that matters is a healthy mom and healthy baby.” To me, healthy is the bare minimum.

Shouldn’t we also want to have a beautiful, impactful, transcendent experience? A passage free from trauma, and filled with meaning?

Just take a look at one of my testimonials.

Most people: 

  • Don’t know how to prepare for birth
  • Trust that doctors will treat them like an individual, and not with standard hospital protocols and procedures
  • Believe that their medical team will give them all of the risks, and benefits, without pressure or coercion.
  • Try a bunch of different, general practices and techniques, here and there, without knowing if they help or work 
  • Have no direction during pregnancy. Their doctors are there for medical needs, but not their emotional or educational needs 
  • Trust that their nurses will have the time to support them during labor
  • Go into the birth experience blind, and hope that things go ok

My Clients:

  • Get individualized support for the experience they are planning
  • Prepare for many scenarios and possible options during pregnancy, birth, and recovery
  • Get help with making decisions and understanding information in real-time
  • Have direction through the entire pregnancy, with concrete tips and preparation tools for their unique goals
  • Receive a handwoven Rebozo and get training on how to confidently use it during labor for connection, body comfort, and ease throughout the whole perinatal period
  • Know how to navigate conversations with medical staff, and are pros at advocating for themselves during labor
  • Have continuous labor support throughout their whole labor experience
  • Go into the birth experience prepared, confident, and flexible

What you will gain from working with me:

1. We will be in direct communication throughout your entire pregnancy. You will be able to text me any time you have questions, anxieties, concerns, or even happy wins and updates.

Sometimes, even though family, friends, and support people truly love you, THEY GIVE TERRIBLE ADVICE. The trouble is, that many people are walking around with unresolved trauma from their own birthing experiences. The vast majority of people are not in a healed and positive mindset about birth. The advice that worked for them, may not work for you. It might be misinformation. It might be seriously out of date, out of practice, or lacking evidence.

I will always help you process and understand information with your particular plan and preferences in mind. I will never pressure you to make certain choices. I am present to hear you, help you, and work towards your best birth.

Pregnancy is a highly transformative and intuitive time. I will not stand in the way of that power. I will help you tune in, listen, and really follow your heart on this journey. Sometimes the choices and path that you are walking down are far different from my own. There is never any judgment or pressure. You are already a mom, and you are already making the best choices for your baby!

2. Don’t have a village yet? No problem.

Over the years, I’ve built a strong network of local professionals who can help you walk this journey with support. 
Too many parents suffer alone in silence; they feel overwhelmed on this journey. They are unaware that their struggles are common and that there is support available.

I will invite you to my village of professionals, to make sure that you get all the help, resources, and support you need.

3. I will guide you with techniques, personal ceremonies, meditations, and embodiment practices.

You will feel confident throughout the many changes that pregnancy brings to the body, mind, and spirit. Together we will walk through spiritual and somatic techniques that will calm the mind, and prepare you on every level to walk through the transformational experience of pregnancy and birth.

I will check in with you periodically throughout your pregnancy, to make sure you are feeling well, and to help you stay accountable with the practices that resonate most with you.

4. I’ll help you prepare, practically.

You and your partner will gain confidence in the birthing process during our private, individualized workshop. We will spend an entire afternoon mastering birth advocacy, birth planning and options, comfort, relaxation techniques, rebozo support, pushing techniques, and hormones that help you during birth.

5. I’ll help you prepare your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

At the end of pregnancy, a unique mother blessing and fear-release ceremony will be crafted for you. This is a special ritual that I can facilitate, or that you can do privately. We can hold space together, alone, or with all your friends and family to celebrate you.

This special blessing will help prepare your body, mind, and spirit for the process of birth. This ritual brings a deeper connection and understanding to the spiritual aspect of birth through preparation, and release.

6. I’ll be there. Anywhere. Anytime. For however long it takes. 

I will support you face-to-face while you are in labor. It doesn’t matter if you are giving birth at home, in the hospital, or at a birthing center. I will meet you where you are. Whether your birth is 4 hours long, or 36 hours long, I will be physically present and offer hands-on support, advice on position changes, relaxation, and comfort.

Birth is wild and unpredictable, but I am not. Because I only take a few clients a year, I am 100% able to support you, even if it takes a while or if the plan changes. I will walk with you through discussions, interventions, and decisions so that you can advocate for yourself, and feel assured about your options and choices.

7. I will honor you after birth, and help you transition into the parenting journey with a sacred ceremony to bring healing, gratitude, and awareness to your body.

The ceremony of pregnancy and birth is a very vulnerable and opening experience.

Your Sacred Postnatal Womb Healing ceremony will help close your hips and seal your sacred womb space through the use of ritual body work and a womb healing ceremony.

We will honor the sacred passage that pregnancy brought you through. We will give gratitude to your body for the amazing experience it walked you through. And we will honor the changes that occurred in your spirit during the birthing process, so you can step into that parenting journey embodied, honored, and powerful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Doula take the place of my partner?

A doula enhances your partner’s role during birth. As a doula, I’ve always thought that the pressure we put on dads and partners is a little unfair. 

They have never experienced birth, and they more than likely have never seen a birth. Yet as a society, we expect them to step up and be a birth support expert. A doula IS a birth expert. There is no pressure to remember every technique, position, and comfort measure. 

I am a coach during the laboring process. When things are going well, I help to facilitate and protect that calm environment. If the process is difficult or if you need more help, I will offer you suggestions, to help your partner support you! 

You are the lead role; your partner is the supporting role. I am the stagehand that will help make sure that everything goes smoothly for you.

What if birth doesn’t turn out as planned?

I love being able to help my clients feel confident, prepared, and supported. I will walk with you in the moment, as things happen during your birth. I am not able to control outcomes at birth. But I can help you process what’s going on in the moment. 

I can help you feel supported through your experience. And I can help keep your sacred space calm and in good alignment with your needs. I am a continuous support no matter how your birth journey unfolds, and I will even be there to help you with healing and processing after your birth. You will experience a postpartum womb healing ceremony after your birth to bring closure from your birth experiences and to help you transition, body, mind, and spirit, into the parenting journey.

Why are investments so costly?

Hiring a doula for pregnancy support is like asking for a “Blank Check”.  I am available via text for your entire pregnancy. I am here for support, education, comfort, and to be your personal resource.

Birth is unpredictable and doesn’t follow a schedule. I am 100% present for you throughout the duration of your labor. I am with you no matter how your labor unfolds. Your investment allows for a small client load, which ensures that you will receive the individualized attention that you deserve.

How long have you been a doula? Where did you get training?

I started my training as a birth doula in 2014. I trained with Stillbirthday as a birth and bereavement doula. I have walked with many families through miscarriage, stillbirth, loss, and I have walked through many more happy birth experiences with other families throughout the years.

I also trained with Gena Garcia, as a Master Rebozo Specialist, and have helped train other doulas and birthworkers throughout the years. I have attended trainings and seminars with Whapio, Joe Valley, Leslie Everest, Heidi Faith, and Ina May Gaskin.

I have been a midwifery assistant since 2019. I was trained on The Farm in Summertown, TN. I also attended one semester of a MEAC accredited midwifery school, (The Midwives College of Utah.) The lessons I learned in a traditional academic setting were invaluable, but I decided that a traditional apprenticeship and way of learning to support birth was more authentic to my spiritual walk, the women I serve, and to my soul. I have been a midwifery assistant to Anne Coffee, a local CPM, and traditionally trained midwife. I have supported over 20 births with her.

My midwife/doctor is great! Do I really need a doula?

If you plan to use a midwife, she will arrive when you are in active labor. That can be hours after labor begins, and the beginning of labor can last a long time. 

You will benefit from having encouragement via phone and text, or even in-person support long before active labor begins. 

If you plan to use a doctor, they do not arrive at your birth until your baby is crowning and getting ready to make their entrance. 

Medical providers are invaluable support people. They are necessary for most of my clients. Their role is monitoring your and your baby’s health while caring for your medical needs.  My goal is to be 100% present for your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during birth.

How do I keep in contact with my doula throughout pregnancy?

I set up a group text with all of my clients. You and I, and your partner or support person will all be connected this way. Everyone will stay on the same page, and get access to the resources, information, and conversations we share.

More often than not, your doctor/midwife will be very busy taking care of other patients. It might be difficult to contact them about small problems or discomforts. I love to fill in the gaps of care and assist my clients with comfort and resources throughout the pregnancy journey.

What kind of preparations will my doula help me with?

I offer a private, 4-5 hour workshop with each of my clients. In that class, we go over advocacy during birth, birth planning and options, and comfort techniques. Each of my clients is gifted with a handwoven rebozo that is used for labor support. I will teach you how to use it during our time together! 

This class is private, and not taught in a group setting. It is specially tailored to your individual needs. We can spend as much time as needed going over exactly what you require, to give you the confidence and skills to plan and prepare for the birth you desire.

I offer coaching calls throughout pregnancy to check in with you, and to offer you continued support.  

I also will facilitate a mother blessing/fear release ceremony that is specifically honoring what you need for your upcoming birth. This ritual will help your body, mind, and spirit prepare for the transformational experience of birth.

This can be a private ceremony or an intimate time of support with your close friends and family.

How does this work? When does my doula show up during labor?

I show up when I am needed. I like to remind my clients that: “A watched pot doesn’t boil.” If you are in very early labor, and you are sleeping through contractions, I will not be helpful to you while you are in bed. I will however be supportive of you in real-time by answering your texts and phone calls and giving you suggestions for staying comfortable. 

I will almost always suggest that you rest and sleep during early labor because birth can take a very long time. Evidence shows that the more rested and relaxed you are at the beginning of labor, the easier and safer birth is for you.

When my suggestions for resting and staying comfortable are no longer helpful, I will meet you at your home and labor with you. Or, I will meet you at the hospital/Birth Center. (Wherever YOU are most comfortable!)

How long does the doula stay after my birth?

I will stay at least an hour after your birth. Often I stay a little longer than that. I want to make sure that you can nurse your baby if you so choose. And if you are having a little trouble getting started with the breastfeeding journey, I can advocate for you and make sure that you get set up with the appropriate resources so that you are educated and supported.

After your birth, I will check in with you and offer you postpartum healing resources, breastfeeding information, and advice.

What happens if the doula misses my birth?

When you are actually in labor, and in need of support, you must call me on the phone and tell me that you are in labor. After that, I need at least 2 hours to get ready to leave and arrive at your location. (Oftentimes, I am much quicker than that, and as of yet I have never missed a birth!) Good communication is vital. The better our communication, the faster I can be with you!

If the road conditions are unsafe for me to travel, it might take me longer than two hours to get to you. If this is the case, I will work to get to you as soon as possible, but this is not something that I can control.

This rarely happens! But sometimes people can have what’s called a “precipitous birth.” This is where your labor is less than 2 hours from start to finish. In this instance, I will be available to you during your labor via text and phone call. I will also offer you an additional 4 hours of postpartum support if you feel like you need it. 

I also have a back up doula, who I have worked with for years! She is trained similarly to me, and understands the spiritual aspects of birth. You are able to meet with her ahead of time. I have never missed a birth, and I have never had to use her as a back up! But I like to have all of my bases covered. In the event that I am already with another client who is in labor, she will be a wonderful support until I can meet you.

If I miss the birth due to some fault of my own, and my back up is not available, I will offer you a 50% refund on what you have paid for doula services. (Again, this has never happened!) I will also offer you an additional 4 hours of postpartum support if you feel that you need it.

How do you help me heal postpartum?

I am still available via text, after your birth! That means if you need help, suggestions, or resources, I’ll be there to help you out. 

I also provide a postnatal womb healing ceremony for my clients. This can be scheduled anytime up to a month after your birth. 

Why I was Meant for a Life of Birth Support

My Journey

In 2014 I had an epiphany of sorts. I was fresh on the heels of having three traumatic births. Experiences that I felt were ripped away from me. My babies were healthy, but I narrowly escaped with my health. I was left traumatized, confused, and seriously depressed. 

I was trying my best. But I had three small children, was severely overwhelmed, very traumatized, and stuck. I resented my partner because I didn’t understand that he was as traumatized from our birth experiences as I was. I was not present in my parenting and didn’t even understand what my lack of presence was doing to my kids. I was like a zombie mom, just trying to wake up, keep up, and survive every day. I didn’t enjoy my life as a mother, and even doubted myself, my journey, and my choice to become a mom.

A thought crossed my mind: how could humans continue to make more humans if this process is truly so horrible and traumatic? Is there more to this that I’m missing? This thought led me to research possibilities for birth. I found out about birth doulas, and it was then and there that I decided to get training, to discover what options and resources were available to me, and to heal from my own traumatic experiences. 

I went on to have 2 more beautiful, healing births. One of which was a home-birth transfer to the hospital for an emergency complication. Even in the face of absolute uncertainty, I was not afraid, traumatized, or broken. 

My last birth was an empowering hospital birth with an amazing local obstetrician. I walked through those experiences with power. I was treated like a human, I knew what my options and rights were in the hospital. 

My partner had the resources and confidence to support me. We both walked through those experiences, forever changed, deeply healed, and more conscious of our energy and parenting. 

Those birth experiences were not only healing and redemptive, but they were powerful initiations for my spirit. 

The Ancient Mesoamerican people believe that pregnancy is a ceremony that begins with conception and ends with the birth of your child. Through my healing journey, I was able to gather first-hand knowledge and experience of the powerful ceremony of initiation that birth can be. 

I went on to seek training as an assistant midwife and worked to support over 20 out of hospital births with a traditionally trained, skilled midwife. Those experiences were absolutely beautiful and further helped me refine my knowledge and skills in supporting natural births. I got to witness the power and strength of so many women during that time. 

Throughout my career as a professional birth support attendant, I have learned with Gena Garcia, Whapio, Ina May Gaskin, The Farm Midwives, Anne Coffee, Heidi Faith, and Lesley Everest. They have all taught me wonderful, intentional, practical skills for supporting families through birth. I have also trained with Grandmother FlorDeMayo and local healer Eileen Hetherington. They have shared traditional shamanism practices and earth-based curing practices. I am also a Reiki Master, and I am continuing to deepen my knowledge of ceremony and spirituality by pursuing a meditation certification with The School of Positive transformation with Dr. Itai Ivtzan. I have read countless books and take my healing work seriously. I am constantly seeking to better myself and learn more ways to better embody my life path and spiritual experiences so I can continue to serve my clients as my best and highest self.

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