Earth-based Spirituality | Animist minsiter

Four Wind Wisdom is an Animist Minister that offers earth-based spiritual services. Animism is the belief that everything has a spirit and is sacred.

“The way you alchemize a soulless world is by treating everyone as if they are sacred until the sacred in them remembers. “

~Rivka Grace Savitri

Hi, I’m Bri

My name is Bri. I was born on the day 4-Ehekatl Wind in the Tekpatl year of the Tonalpohualli Sacred Calendar. I was blessed with a voice that is meant to inspire and uplift consciousness.

I believe that to change the world, you must change yourself. So I am on a personal path of radical, heart-centered authenticity & freedom. 

Ceremony, energy medicine, and intentional living empower you to come out from hiding and face the fear of what others think. These tools embolden you to stop wasting energy on fear, judgement, and criticism, allowing you to free up time and power to live a more enjoyable, fulfilling life.

What is Four Wind Wisdom

Is an online & in person community and ministry for Earth-Based spiritual healing and practices. All of our ancestors were people who lived in harmony with the earth, and one day, all of us will return to the earth. The Earth has it’s own magic and resonance, it’s own wisdom. We can all tune into our own authenticity, intuition, and wisdom to live a more intentional, heart-centered life.

We hold space for people of all beliefs to find healing, ceremony, and growth.

My Offerings

Energy Healing | Ceremony Work


Spirit Centered Birth Support

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More About Me:

What are your spiritual beliefs?

in 2017 I had this epiphany. I was a Fundamentalist Traditional Catholic, practicing, going to church every week. I was raising my children with that strong spirituality, dogma, and ritual. And I realized it was NOT for me. (You can read more about why I left here.)

Long story short, I spent an amazing weekend in ceremony and learning with a beautiful group of women. That ceremony CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE. It set me on this path. At that moment I realized that I didn’t need a religion or an organized belief system to bring me closer to god. I realized that I had all the power I needed to move forward in authenticity with my own personal relationship to The Divine. I have spent every moment since then dedicating my life to The Sacred.

I don’t worship any god or deity. I am an animist. I believe everything is sacred; everything and everyone has a unique spirit that should be honored. I bring this honor and intention into my work as a minister, and sacred ceremonialist.

I don’t know if there is a creator, or a god who judges humanity, but I do know there is a Great Spirit. This Spirit is the connection you feel when you speak to another human, it’s healing, it’s authenticity, it’s freedom, and it’s the love that we share as compassionate beings on the Earth. I serve this Spirit in my work, and hope to bring about compassionate change, healing, and shift with the work that I do.

Do you work with people who have other Spiritual Practices or Religions?

Although I am personally not a Theist and I am an Animist, I hold space for all walks of life. I believe that everyone has a medicine to share, and I am enriched by holding space and learning from people of all faiths, beliefs, and lifestyles.

I am honored to work with all people who are seeking to find truth and freedom in their lives. To me, Spirituality and Religion is like a language. I think they are all beautiful. Although, I don’t understand every practice, I recognize the beauty and holiness in it. I want to empower you to live an authentic life, and that means holding safe, non-judgmental space for you while you stand in the fullness of your beliefs, or while you work to find what resonates for you.

Training and Experience

My most important experience is that as a mother. I have been pregnant 7 times, and I have 4 living children and one who, as a toddler, took the journey into the unknown. Grief, pregnancy, and birth transform a person. It’s like walking through an impassable spiritual doorway that squeezes your entire body, mind, spirit until it reaches the brink of breaking. And instead of breaking, you pass through, unharmed, but much wiser and different than you were before.

Motherhood has taught me about love, and about loss. It has taught me a lot about the different realms of spirit and the mind, and also about the importance of honoring your stages and seasons in life. It has taught me the importance of ceremony, and sacred space. Especially when walking through transitions and difficult changes.

We live in a world that shames seasons and changes. We look at aging as a curse to be remedied with products. We look at pregnancy and motherhood as a short-term disability and condition. We worship youth, and the idea that nothing changes and everything should be boxed up and perfect in life. What a change the world would see if we began to honor our seasons and cycles.

I am committed to offering ceremonies for people who are walking through transitions in life. Walking through menarche, or puberty, gender transitioning, pregnancy and postpartum blessings, baby blessings, soul healing, and womb healing ceremonies. I am a ordained non-denominational minister and I am registered with the state to perform weddings and all manner of ceremonies.

My experience as a mother led me to work as a birth doula; that is my full-time job. I work to support women through pregnancy to have a holistic birth experience that honors and empowers their spirit and soul. I spent 5 years attending hospital births as a doula and realized that the mainstream, medical model of healthcare is NOT honoring to mothers or babies. Most women speak about their birth experiences as something that they barely escaped with their lives. They are happy and claim to be fortunate because they are living and their children are healthy. But healthy and living is a minimum. Why can’t we have more than that?

Peace on Earth begins at Birth.


I apprenticed to be a midwife. And attended over 20 births as an assistant midwife. I worked closely with a local traditional midwife who honors the process of birth as normal and natural, and who is committed to passing on traditional wisdom to her students. Unfortunately, I don’t have the financial support to continue training and an unpaid apprenticeship at the moment. But the skills, experience, and time I spent in training have helped me learn how to walk through pregnancy as a better guide, educator, and doula. I currently offer birth doula services, prenatal/postnatal support and coaching, and private childbirth education classes.

In 2015 I got certified as a birth and bereavement doula, to further expand my knowledge as a birth attendant. I have since attended many trainings on birth, physiology, and safety within the maternity care field. I am not a medical provider, but I am trained to walk with families through the emotional, physical, and spiritual side of birth and loss. Book a free consult with me, to see if we are a good fit.

I am a Massage Therapist Licensed with the state of Oklahoma. I have over 1300 hours of training and supervised clinical experience in the bodywork field. I am using my knowledge of the body and neural pathways to add a holistic/somatic component to my ceremony work. I do offer bodywork services to people who are local to the Oklahoma Metro Area.

In 2014 I began my studies in Reiki. I am currently an RMT (Reiki Master Therapist) who offers classes and healings for people in the Central Oklahoma Area. I have also apprenticed with multiple shamans and healers both locally and abroad to learn about shamanism, energy work, soul healing, and natural wisdom. I am currently seeking more teachers and trainings, as I believe healing and learning is a life long commitment and journey; the work is never done.

I also have been a facilitator for private Red Tent women’s circles for healing and the sharing of knowledge between sisters since 2018. As a birth attendant and helper of women, I offer my knowledge and magic.

My experience as a facilitator of women’s groups helped me to gain experience in leading group ceremonies. I offer private healing sessions, intuitive readings, coaching, and ceremony work to help empower and uplift folks to stand in their own peace and power.