Divinations & Tonalpohualli Sacred Calendar Keeping


I got a clear as mud answer to my question in the summer of 2019.

I had been on the “Spiritual Path” for some time. I was healing and really stepping into my power when I had a total breakdown. An absolute dissolution of soul, spirit, and psyche. I was losing my shit, totally unable to understand what it is I was supposed to be doing in my life. I was doing so much work, in a business a really loved. I was hustling, and helping so many people. But every little thing, no matter how fun or fulfilling, felt so meaningless.

I fell into a deep depression. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t bring myself to do the work that I started in service to the community. The work that I have loved and enjoyed for so many years.

I meditated. I “did the work.” I went into trance. I journeyed far.

And when I cried out and asked: “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY LIFE!?”

The small answer like the brush of wind on the back of your neck whispered into my experience: “Live in Service to Spirit.”

After that, I didn’t put away my business or my studies. In fact, I continued forward with tenacity and set out to move and change and grow. While I had been interested in the Sacred Calendar, I wasn’t taking it seriously. It was more a loose awareness I had that ancient Mesoamericans had figured out a GENIUS method to keeping track of the cosmic and ritual cycles of the Universe. But I couldn’t quite see how those cycles fit into my own life. 

Then, my youngest child passed away. Life hit me like a whirlwind. I finally understood the message I got.
“Live in Service to Spirit.”

I could never go back to my old, unintentional, hustle, and grind lifestyle. Losing my daughter taught me a stark lesson about cosmic cycles, boundaries, and balance. You have to make time for the things that are important.

I had spent the majority of my time as a mother, hustling, grinding, and working myself so that I could try and make a living. I didn’t get enough time with my baby, because of the deep sacrifices I made in service to “living”.
(Honestly, there is never, ever, ever enough time. Which should be more incentive for us to stop wasting what we have.)

In all the life I’ve had, all the struggles I’ve faced, all the burdens I’ve shouldered, I don’t regret any action. I don’t regret the adventures I’ve experienced, the people I’ve helped, or the time I’ve spent learning from people along the way.

I regret the mentality that served me while I was hustling. I regret not protecting the balance in my life. I will never again hustle and grind away endlessly in service to money, ideals, and “living”.

Instead, I will listen to the message I got in the first place. I will spend the rest of my days in direct Service to Spirit. I intend to do that by keeping the Sacred Calendar. 

I don’t consider myself a master at calendar keeping; in fact I consider myself an eternal student of these great cosmic mysteries. I have no teachers, so I rely on the written wisdom and books of others, the codices, and information I can find.


Calendar Keeping

I keep the calendar, and offer messages everyday that tell you about the energy of each day. It’s not that the calendar dictates your life or energy, rather it shows you how you fit into the repeating cosmic cycles of the universe. Follow me on Social Media for free biweekly calendar updates. Or support me on Patreon to get daily messages to your inbox.

Life Path Divinations

These divinations use the Tones and Signs from the calendar to give you insight about the energy that surrounds your life.

These are excellent divinations when you are looking for direction in your life, making big decisions or trying to find where you should direct your energy. Open your path and gain clarity and insight.

Sacred Calendar Birth Chart

Find out where you fit in the Sacred Calendar. This will better help you understand how the cosmic energetic cycles affect you. It will also give you shadow work and self reflection exercises so you can unlock your spiritual gifts and maximize your energetic potential.

About the Tonalpohualli Sacred Calendar

[Toːnaɬpoːˈwalːi] means “count of days.” It’s grouped into 20 signs that rule for 13 days each in a repeating 260 day cycle. It is the way Pre-Colombian Mesoamericans kept track of ritual energy and cosmic cycles. The origin of the Tonalpohualli is unknown. But many people across Mesoamerican cultures in antiquity followed the count to understand the energy and influences of the day. There are still some cultures who keep the calendar today.
There are 20 day signs in the Tonalpohualli. Each of them correspond with different attributes, colors, and directions, and deities.

Each grouping of 13 days is called a Trecena. These periods of time are thought to influence the movements of society.

Each day 1 to 13 is assigned a corresponding numerical tone. The tone is how each Tonalli moves through and interacts with the energy of the day. When looking at Birth Charts, it’s important to know both your Day Sign and Tone; both of these placements help you to get the most accurate picture of the energy.