Red Tent Women's Circle

Red Tent Women's Circle, Oklahoma Witch Coven, Pagan

Red Tent Oklahoma Women’s Circle

We are a group of magical women who are committed to bringing ritual and ceremony back to women. We provide a space for you to sit and be surrounded by sisterhood and healing.

Red Tent is a free monthly meeting that provides support for all women to come together and speak about topics that surround the female experience. Our circle is led by Ministers, Priestesses, Midwives, and Wise Women.

It is a no-judgment, non-denominational space for you to come and be loved and supported. We meet every 2nd Saturday, at 6pm, for a circle, and throughout the month for energy healing and other group support events.

We are so named for the “Biblical” Red Tents of the past, where our ancestors would gather in a space together while menstruating, childbearing, and healing. We strive to be a space where you can come and learn about your natural cycles and rhythms and how they relate to the earth and nature.

Join us at Red Tent and Learn the Ancient ways of the Wise Woman. Help us create the society that we want to see everywhere for mothers, sisters, aunties, and goddesses around the world.

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Although membership is not required, it is encouraged. This gives you a voice and shows your love and commitment to our space.
By filling out this form you agree to the following code of conduct:

  1. Red Tent is a space for women to get together, share knowledge, and heal each other. This is a space where we celebrate menstruation, pregnancy, and cronedom. To participate in Red Tent you must be a woman or person who is (or was) capable of experiencing these cycles of life. 
  2. Red Tent doesn’t not discriminate against anyone’s belief, identity, religion, gender, or creed. This is a woman’s space that is held at a private residence each month. In previous public events, we have dealt with security issues, intimidation, abuse, and assault. We ask that you not join this circle if you intend harm, or if you do not fit the membership requirements as discussed in the first point. We have facilitated Red Tent for many years, and have recently switched to a private/membership model to help keep our events safe and private.
  3. Respect everyone in the circle.  When a sister is talking and sharing, do not speak over her. We want to encourage a space where everyone can share and heal together. 
  4. Help Clean up after events, and if you are able participate in the monthly pot lucks, do so! This helps us keep cost of events at a minimum and allows us to put more money into development of our circle. 
  5. Respect your sisters by keeping our events and the things we share PRIVATE. This includes sharing posts and pictures on social media. Be sure to have permission before sharing.
  6. If you have an issue with something that happened at a Red Tent event, Please directly contact one of the council members. We want to make sure that everyone in this circle stays safe and happy.
  7. We promise to hold a council vote if any changes will be made to the Red Tent Women’s circle. This membership is a way for you to get involved and have a voice to support this community and to help heal the Divine Feminine.


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