Red Tent Women's Circle

Red Tent Women's Circle, Oklahoma Witch Coven, Pagan

Red Tent Oklahoma Women’s Circle

We are a group of magical women who are committed to bringing ritual and ceremony back to women. We provide a space for you to sit and be surrounded by sisterhood and healing.

Red Tent is a monthly meeting that provides support for all women to come together and speak about topics that surround the female experience. Our circle is led by Ministers, Priestesses, Midwives, and Wise Women.

It is a no-judgment, non-denominational space for you to come and be loved and supported. We meet every month for a circle, and throughout the month for energy healing and other group support events.

We are so named for the “Biblical” Red Tents of the past, where our ancestors would gather in a space together while menstruating, childbearing, and healing. We strive to be a space where you can come and learn about your natural cycles and rhythms and how they relate to the earth and nature.

Join us at Red Tent and Learn the Ancient ways of the Wise Woman. Help us create the society that we want to see everywhere for mothers, sisters, aunties, and goddesses around the world.

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